Gun Violence

We have a gun violence epidemic in our country, a crisis that is uniquely American. People from all parties, from all walks of life are desperately calling on Congress to make these reforms that are commonsense and urgently needed. Over 100 people die from firearms every single day, and guns have become the number one cause of death for children. It doesn’t have to be this way. I refuse to accept these atrocities as an unavoidable part of American life. 

I’m incredibly proud to say that after years of unacceptable gridlock, our Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden – the first major gun reform bill signed into law in three decades. But I know this work is nowhere near done. 

Although we’re fortunate that California has strict and sensible gun safety laws, I have continued working to minimize federal loopholes and pass commonsense regulations to protect law-abiding citizens in California and throughout the nation. As a member of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, this has been a priority of mine year after year. 

In 2016, I joined my Democratic colleagues, led by iconic civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, in a sit-in on the House floor to urge an immediate vote on gun violence prevention legislation that has been stalled for years. Read more about this historic effort HERE. 

House Democrats have voted time and again to pass laws to protect our communities from gun violence, including:  

  • Rep. Mike Thompson’s H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act to require a background check for every firearm sale; 

I have worked with my colleagues in the House to pass dozens of other measures that will make the bold changes needed to end the gun violence crisis, and we will not relent until the job is done.