Northwest California Wilderness, Recreation, and Working Forests Act

February 17, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Interested individuals can explore an interactive map of the proposals here. 

Bill text

1 page summary 


Maps of each proposal can be found below: 

South Fork Trinity - Mad River Restoration Area

Horse Mountain Special Management Area

Bigfoot National Recreation Trail

Black Butte River Wilderness

Black Butte River Wilderness

Photo of Black Butte River - P/C Steve Evans

Chanchelulla Wilderness Additions


Photo of Chanchelulla Wilderness - P/C Jason Smith

Chinquapin Wilderness

Chinquapin Potential Wilderness


Photo of Chinquapin Wilderness - P/C Steve Evans

English Ridge Wilderness

English ridge

Photo of English Ridge Wilderness - P/C Bureau of Land Management

Headwaters Wilderness


Photo of Headwaters Wilderness - P/C Bob Wick (Bureau of Land Management)

Mad River Buttes Wilderness

Mad River Buttes

Photo of Mad River Buttes Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

Mount Lassic Wilderness Additions

Mount Lassic Wilderness

Photo of Mount Lassic Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

North Fork Eel Wilderness

North Fork Eel Wilderness

Photo of North Fork Eel Wilderness - P/C Gordon Johnson

Pattison Wilderness


Photo of Pattison Wilderness - P/C Jason Smith

Redwood NP Potential wilderness

Redwood NP

Photo of Redwood NP Potential Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

Sanhedrin Wilderness Addition 

Sanhedrin Special Conservation Management Area

Photo of Sanhedrin Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

Siskiyou Wilderness Additions North 

Siskiyou Wilderness Additions South 

Siskiyou Potential Wilderness 


Photo of Siskiyou Potential Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

South Fork Eel River Wilderness Additions

South Fork Eel

Photo of South Fork Eel River Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

South Fork Trinity River Potential Wilderness 

South Fork Trinity River Wilderness Additions 

South Fork Trinity Mad River Restoration

Photo of South Fork Trinity River Wilderness - P/C Jeff Morris

Trinity Alps Potential Wilderness 

Trinity Alps Wilderness Additions East 

Trinity Alps Wilderness Additions West 

Trinity Alps

Photo of the Trinity Alps - P/C Jason Smith

Underwood Wilderness

Underwood Wilderness

Photo of Underwood Wilderness - P/C Steve Evans

Yolly Bolly Middle Eel Potential Wilderness

Yolly Bolly Wilderness Additions North 

Yolly Bolly Wilderness Additions South 

Yolly Bolly Wilderness Additions West 

Yolla Bolly

Photo of Yolly Bolly Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

Yuki Potential Wilderness 

Yuki Wilderness Additions 


Photo of Yuki Wilderness - P/C Ryan Henson

Elkhorn Ridge Wilderness Addition and Boundary Adjustment 

Sanhedrin Special Conservation Management Area