Huffman Marks 100th Day in Congress

April 12, 2013

WASHINGTON­—Congressman Jared Huffman (D­-San Rafael) today marked his 100th day as a United States Congressman.

“I am proud of what I have accomplished in my first 100 days representing the 2nd District of California in Congress—from introducing my first bill, to standing against cuts to Social Security and Medicare, to fighting to reintroduce science in congressional debates on climate change,” Congressman Huffman said. “But there is more work to be done: in the coming days I will introduce a bill to support local fishermen, fight to protect our bedrock environmental laws, and continue to look for opportunities work across the aisle to reduce our deficit in a measured and careful way. I look forward to further serving the people of Northern California.”

Since being sworn into office in January, Congressman Huffman has driven more than 3,000 miles to visit and hear from constituents across his Northern California district, which spans from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. Below is a partial list of Congressman Huffman’s accomplishments and actions:




  • Spoke on the House floor on four key issues:
    • Against the Republican budget, March 19, 2013
      • “I rise to oppose the Republican budget for a very fundamental reason: it would be devastating to the health and well-being of America’s seniors.”
    • Against building the Keystone XL pipeline, March 5, 2013
      • It’s time to get serious about climate change and clean energy job creation.  Importing dirty, expensive tar sands fuel is the wrong way to do that.”
    • Urging passage of the Violence Against Women Act, February 27, 2013
      • “As a father of a young daughter and a husband, I cannot begin to understand why we would gut commonsense protections for women or why we would pick and choose the type of women that we want to protect from violence.”
    • Urging action on climate change , February 15, 2013
      • “I truly believe addressing climate change— both greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation— is the greatest imperative of our time – not just because of the huge stakes for our environment, our economy, and our planet; but because of the enormous opportunity this issue presents.”


  • Sent over two dozen letters sent to the Obama administration:
    • Letter urging President Obama to use Antiquities Act to include Point-Arena-Stornetta Public Lands in the California Coastal National Monument,
    • Letter urging President Obama opposing cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits.



Member, House Budget Committee
Member, House Natural Resources Committee

  • Congressional Progressive Caucus
    • CPC Environmental Task Force (Chair)
  • Wild Salmon Caucus (Co-chair)
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus
  • Problem Solvers Caucus
  • National Marine Sanctuary Caucus
  • Congressional Wine Caucus
  • Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus
  • Congressional Shellfish Caucus
  • Sensible Drug Policy Working Group
  • Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change
  • Congressional Rare Disease Caucus
  • Impact Aid Coalition
  • Community College Caucus
  • House Rural Education Caucus