Rep. Huffman Statement on Pope Francis’ Address to Congress

September 24, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today made the following statement after Pope Francis’s historic address to the Joint Meeting of Congress:

“Today was unforgettable. Pope Francis spoke of morality, humanity, and our responsibility to take better care of the poor and our planet. 

“I am grateful for his call to action to fight climate change. We are witnessing the beginnings of the ruin climate change will bring: devastating wildfires, a record California drought, and debilitating superstorms. Climate change threatens our way of life and our future, and we must work together to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit a better world. We have a moral obligation to act.

“His Holiness reminded Congress that we too are the sons and daughters of immigrants and refugees, seeking better lives and freedom from oppression. Pope Francis is right: the immigrants and refugees fleeing brutality and poverty should not be thought of in terms of simple statistics, but as individuals with hopes and fears, searching for better lives. We, as Americans, must remember our beginnings and finally pass immigration reform so others can share in the American Dream.

“Pope Francis’ message of hope comes at an important time, mere days before our government again shuts down because of hyper-partisan squabbling. I hope Pope Francis has reminded my colleagues that winning the day is less important than working together to bring about a better world. I hope Congress heeds his call.”