Rep. Huffman Finalizes $1.2 Million For Local Projects in Second Government Funding Package

March 22, 2024

Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the remaining six 2024appropriations bills, which included over $1 million in federal funding for projects in CA-02 that the Congressman nominated as part of the Community Project Funding process.

“After securing more than $9 million for Community Projects in the first tranche of funding bills, I’m happy to say that my remaining two projects have passed the House – meaning over $10 million will soon be on its way to our district for 15 fantastic projects led by my constituents,” said Rep. Huffman. “It was a hard battle to get here. Republicans’ chaos-inducing inability to govern – paired with their attempts to make abortion illegal everywhere, attack LGBTQ+ rights, slash efforts to fight climate change, and threaten our national security – made negotiating these bills a herculean effort. But the Democratic Caucus is committed to putting people over politics, and we were successful in removing Republicans’ harmful, extreme provisions and passing these final 2024 funding bills, which will help keep our communities safe, fight inflation, and move America forward.”

As part of the package, Rep. Huffman secured $1,274,390 in Community Project Funding for his remaining two project requests:

  • $637,195 for City of Petaluma Emergency Operations Center
  • $637,195 for Toma Resilience Campus

These community investments follow the previously announced projects included in the first government funding package here. More information on the Community Project Funding requests can be found here.

Some of the strongest investments and victories for the American people included in this package can be found here. They include:

  • $1 billion increase for child care and Head Start.
  • $20 million increase for the IDEA program for students with disabilities and $20 million for Title 1-A investments in high-poverty public schools, which builds on more than $3.1 billion in increases for these programs over the last two years.
  • Rejecting devastating Republican cuts to education and child care, which would have forced 224,000 teachers out of public schools, eliminated the Job Corps, and destroyed more than 20 K-12 and higher education programs.
  • $120 million increase in funding for cancer research at the National Institutes of Health.
  • $100 million increase for Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s disease-related dementias research.
  • Blocking 10 Republican riders to limit women’s reproductive health.
  • 12,000 more Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans that assisted the United States.
  • $1 billion increase in climate change and resilience activities at the Department of Defense.

These 2024 funding bills invest in America’s future and deliver for the American people by:

  • Helping with the impossibly high cost of living, reducing drug costs, helping with child care and Head Start.
  • Siding with the hardworking majority of people in America by supporting education and job training and placement programs that help Americans find high paying jobs, safeguarding robust worker protection agencies that ensure Americans are safe and properly compensated at work, and ensuring billionaires and wealthy corporations pay the taxes they owe.
  • Protecting women’s rights by blocking attempts to limit women’s access to reproductive health care including the elimination of Title X Family Planning and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Grants and supporting the reproductive health of women overseas.
  • Reinforcing America’s global leadership by strengthening defense capabilities, ensuring America can respond anywhere in the world where freedom and democracy are under attack, amplifying American diplomacy, and reaffirming our global commitments to fight climate change and reinforce global health.
  • Helping our communities be safe and secure by funding border security, preventing the trafficking of fentanyl and other dangerous drugs, bolstering cyber security, protecting consumers from scammers, fraudsters, and dangerous products, and enabling robust and immediate responses to natural disasters.

The text of the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024, is available here. This legislation is expected to be signed into law by President Biden later this week. A detailed summary of the bill is available here.

This second and final package follows the first six appropriations bills signed into law on March 9.