Over $426 Million Heading to Humboldt: A Message from Rep. Huffman

January 30, 2024


I’m excited to share some good news: our district just got a $426 million federal grant for Humboldt’s offshore wind project. This is on top of the $8.6 million federal planning and design grant that we were able to get last year. Our offshore wind project is a game-changer for climate and clean energy, and it’s going to do wonderful things for economic development. Thousands of well-paying, union jobs will be coming to Humboldt County. We are paving the way with this first-of-its-kind project on the West Coast, and what we do here will be a blueprint for every future project – I know we’ll do California proud.  

A large part of this grant comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that Democrats passed two years ago under the leadership of President Joe Biden, which I was able to help shape. And since then, I’ve been a squeaky wheel with the Department of Transportation to get this funding to our district. This is just the latest example of funding wins we’ve secured over the past few years; you can learn more about the many transformative projects underway at my dedicated webpage and interactive map. 


Rep. Huffman hosts the Humboldt Offshore Wind Press Conference.  

Other Priorities I’m Working On: 


Rep. Huffman meets with the Mattole Restoration Council.

  • On the Road: When I'm not in Washington D.C., you can find me in one of the six counties that make up the beautiful second congressional district. I was recently in Humboldt where I toured Arcata’s new Open Door Community Health Clinic, which will improve health care access for many folks in the community. I also met with the Mattole Restoration Council and toured their estuary restoration projects along the Mattole River, as well as their fire safety project on Prosper Ridge, which received funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. During my visit up north, I also stopped by the Humboldt Senior Resource Center to check in with staff and learn more about how it and the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program serves seniors throughout the county.
  • Standing Up to Christian Nationalism: As co-chair of the Congressional Freethought Caucus (CFC), I recently hosted a historic briefing on Speaker Mike Johnson’s alarming connections to Christian Nationalism. With an interfaith panel of experts, we discussed the CFC’s investigation into the Speaker’s troubling record on religious freedom and church-state separation, which we compiled into a white paper. Although we asked Speaker Johnson to meet with us privately, he has rejected our invitations. As we witness the historic rise of Christian Nationalism across the country, I’ll continue to lead efforts in Congress to counteract this dangerous ideology and protect our secular democracy from religious extremism. I support everyone’s right to practice their own beliefs – but we can’t devolve into a theocracy that imposes a singular religion on America.
  • Major Climate Win: Last fall, I led my colleagues in calling on the Biden administration to take a serious look at their dirty energy export decisions and how it impacts climate, environmental justice, and domestic energy prices. Last week, the administration announced they are pausing all new dirty energy Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) exports. We’re finally waking up and rejecting Big Oil’s lies to keep us hooked on their volatile dirty energy roller coaster. Pausing new export approvals is a huge deal that will keep our energy bills lower, our communities healthier, and our country safer. But let me be clear: this is not “mission accomplished”. In order to save a habitable planet for future generations, we need to work with our allies to completely transition off of fossil fuels for good. 
  • Keeping the Government Open: It’s a new year, but we’re still seeing the same old chaos from House Republicans. One of Congress’s most important responsibilities is keeping the government open and funded. But Extreme MAGA Republicans have continued to take America on a distressing roller coaster, bringing the federal government to the brink of a shutdown month after month. While the House GOP remains entrenched in their own intra-party fighting and dysfunction, Democrats have continued to fund the government because we understand a shutdown is not good for the American people. While my colleagues on the other side of the aisle struggle to govern responsibly, Democrats remain focused on delivering real results for the people, including lowering costs for working families, growing the middle class, fighting for climate action, and defending reproductive rights. 
senior center

Rep. Huffman visits the Humboldt Senior Resource Center.

Helping You    
Whether it’s help working with a federal agency, or providing information about legislation and policy, don’t forget – my staff and I are here to help. Below is an example of some of the work my office has done to help our constituents. 

“After trying for months to receive a refund from Social Security for a large overpayment for my Medicare coverage, I reached out to Rep. Huffman for assistance. His staff reached out to the Social Security payment center about the delay and the situation was resolved. I appreciate that Rep Huffman’s office offers this assistance to his constituents. You made quick work of what was amounting to a long and frustrating wait.”

-Kimberly,  Sea Ranch

If you're in need of assistance, you can submit a Casework Authorization Form on my website
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Thank you, and stay well, 

Jared Huffman
Member of Congress