Over $10.2 Million in Funding Wins Heading to the North Coast: A Message from Rep. Huffman

April 01, 2024

The Community Project Funding process in Congress is an impactful way for me to deliver federal funds for critical projects in our region. This allows me to work hand-in-hand with local partners and constituents to identify programs and initiatives where this additional federal funding can make the difference between a transformative project happening or not. And I’m excited to share that for the third year in a row, I was able to secure funding for 15 more transformative local projects. Over $10.2 million for projects up and down the North Coast is now headed our way – bringing our total to $34.1 million. Senior housing, youth centers, wastewater facilities, health clinics, and more are all a part of this tranche of funding. Check out all of the projects here.


The Community Project Funding was passed as part of the 2024 congressional funding bill. On top of these projects, this budget agreement also included plenty of wins for folks across the entire country by:  

  • Rejecting House Republicans’ proposed cuts of more than 22%; 
  • Protecting women’s rights by blocking extreme Republican policies to limit reproductive care; 
  • Confronting the climate crisis with more than $15 billion of transformative investments in clean energy and science; 
  • Investing more than $10 billion in our nation’s water infrastructure;  
  • Providing an increase of $1 billion for child care and Head Start to expand access to quality child care for hard working families; and  
  • So much more.

With the help of House Democrats, we delivered a sensible budget that will make our streets and schools safer, support our national security, protect our water and public lands, make housing more affordable, and improve our transportation infrastructure. I'm incredibly proud of what we've been able to accomplish for the North Coast despite these obstacles. And I want you to know that I’m always going to work hard to deliver real results for folks back home.  

Other Priorities I’m Working On: 


Rep. Huffman visits Humboldt Bay with Secretary Deb Haaland. 

  • Visiting Humboldt with Sec. Haaland: Last week, I joined Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, Department of Labor Acting Secretary Julie Su, and other dignitaries on a visit to Humboldt, where we discussed the upcoming offshore wind project. This project is a big deal for our environment, local economy, and tribes. I’m glad to have been able to share with these administration officials what’s happening on the ground and make sure our tribal members’ voices were heard.  
  • Combatting the MMIP Crisis: We’re facing a terrible epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) across the country, and jurisdictional red tape and communication breakdowns are exacerbating this crisis. That’s why I introduced the Tribal Community Protection Act with my colleague Rep. Adam Schiff, which will help bridge the gap between tribes and local law enforcement to improve safety in tribal communities and save lives.  
  • Putting People over Polluters: House Republicans recently passed a collection of bills that give major handouts to corporate polluters at the expense of public health, safety, and economic wellbeing. From gutting the Clean Water Act to propping up Big Oil’s profits, these bills are a flagrant attack on Americans’ fundamental rights to clean air and clean water. And Big Oil is still making record-shattering profits by taking billions in taxpayer-funded subsidies and price-gouging working families. The U.S. is already the world’s top producer of oil and gas; we cannot simply drill our way to energy independence. Instead, we must advance our transition to clean energy, which is cheaper, safer, and generated entirely here at home. 
  • Calling All High School Artists: Submissions are now open for the 2024 Congressional Art Competition! The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 18, 2024, and instructions on how to apply can be found on my website.    
  • File Your Taxes for Free: For the first time, you can file your taxes directly with the IRS. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, folks in California and 11 other states can now use Direct File, a new online program that’s simple, secure, and free to use. Start filing today at directfile.irs.gov. 

Helping You    
Whether it’s help working with a federal agency, or providing information about legislation and policy, don’t forget – my staff and I are here to help. Below is an example of some of the work my office has done to help our constituents.  

“The Willow Creek Youth Partnership, Inc. (Dream Quest) offers many thanks to Congressman Jared Huffman for his strong support of youth and families throughout the Trinity River Valley. The new Willow Creek Community Youth Center project greatly expands resources available to provide youth with healthy, educational, vocational and creative opportunities to imagine and build their dreams. Congressman Huffman’s leadership helps us build community strength, resilience and sustainability. Thank You!”   

- Dream Quest Board President George Koortbojian 

If you're in need of assistance, you can submit a Casework Authorization Form on my website
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Thank you, and stay well,    
Jared Huffman   
Member of Congress