Happy National Oceans Month!: A Message from Rep. Huffman

June 09, 2023

Hello, and happy National Oceans Month! 
Our District has the most beautiful coastlines America has to offer. I’m marking National Ocean’s Month with important legislation, events, and projects. I recently joined federal, state, tribal and local leaders for a Sea Otter Summit in Bodega Bay. We know sea otters are cute. They are also little ecosystem engineers that help maintain a healthy coastline and thriving kelp forests, and we’re seeing the consequences of their absence as local ecosystems and kelp forests deteriorate. I will continue to support summits like this and reintroduction efforts guided by science-based decision-making.


Rep. Huffman speaks at the Sea Otter Summit.

Maintaining healthy oceans also means protecting them from planet-killing pollution like oil spills and plastics. Earlier this year I called for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ramp up its efforts to address plastic pollution, and just this week I reintroduced my bills to permanently protect the West Coast and Arctic from offshore drilling.  
I also shared some great news this week – the Biden-Harris administration is making a historic $2.6 billion investment through the Inflation Reduction Act to support climate resiliency and coastal communities with specific set-asides for tribes and vulnerable populations. The framework also includes $2 million for our very own Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary to help boost tourism, spur educational opportunities and research, and repair and update the visitor center, benefitting our marine ecosystems for years to come.  

Helping You      
Major investments are heading our way thanks to historic legislation signed into law during the last two years under the leadership of President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress. Here’s one example of how these investments and grants are helping folks on the North Coast: 

“Commercial fishing ports in California are struggling to make ends meet. As a consequence, major infrastructure repair is often deferred indefinitely. Fortunately, our federal partners at FEMA have recognized the dire need of the Crescent City Harbor and have funded a new sea wall to protect our harbor. The commercial fishermen of Crescent City would like to thank Congressmen Huffman for helping our harbor secure the 7.366 million dollar grant that will help the success of the commercial fishing industry in Crescent City, a fleet that is the largest shrimp producer in California, and which produces over 50% of the Dungeness crab caught in California.” 

- Crescent City Harbor Commission President Rick Shepherd.  

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Thank you, and stay well, 

Jared Huffman
Member of Congress