Rep. Huffman Votes to Pass Sweeping Voting Rights, Anti-Corruption, and Ethics Reforms

H.R. 1, the For the People Act, Will Clean Up Corruption in Washington, Protect and Expand the Right to Vote, and Restore Ethics and Integrity to Government

March 03, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) voted to pass H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2021, a transformational anti-corruption and elections reform package to clean up Washington, protect and expand voting rights, restore integrity to government, and put the needs and priorities of the American people ahead of special interests.

“Democracy is at its strongest when voting is accessible, special-interest money is eradicated, and elected officials are held accountable. The aggressive attacks we saw on our democracy during the last election cycle underscore the urgent need to pass comprehensive reforms in Washington,” said Rep. Huffman. “The American public elected a Democratic majority in Congress and a Democratic White House whose priority is transparency and accountability. H.R. 1 delivers on our promise to clean up corruption in Washington, restore ethics and integrity to our democracy, and return us to a government of, by, and for the people.”

The For the People Act of 2021 will:

  • Improve Access to Elections – Increasing the availability of ballot boxes by breaking down institutional voting barriers, focusing on overcomplicated voter registration systems and limited voting hours. H.R. 1 creates an automatic voter registration and same day voting system, restores voting rights to those who have completed felony sentences, expands early and absentee voting, and reduces long wait times for in person voting.
  • Promote Election Integrity – This bill ensures that the will of American voters is responsible for the outcome of elections; putting an end to gerrymandering politicians picking their voters and creating a national strategy to oversee U.S democratic institutions. This bill will protect the American voter by combatting voter suppression and voter intimidation efforts while also protecting elections from foreign interference
  • Fight Big Money in Politics – H.R. 1 upgrades online political ad disclosure and requires all organizations involved in political activity to disclose their large donors. The bill tightens rules on super PACs and restructures the Federal Election Commission. Designed to empower everyday American citizens, H.R. 1 puts an end to dark money in politics and shines a light on the true funding sources of political spending. The legislation will rein in lobbyist influence in Washington, prioritizing the American people.
  • Ensure Public Servants are Working on Behalf of Public Interest – Implementing new ethics laws and increasing transparency surrounding political spending will make sure that elected officials are held accountable for their actions, preventing any potential conflicts of interest.

Early this week, the Biden Administration released a statement of support, saying, “In the wake of an unprecedented assault on our democracy, a never before seen effort to ignore, undermine, and undo the will of the people, and a newly aggressive attack on voting rights taking place right now all across the country, this landmark legislation is urgently needed to protect the right to vote and the integrity of our elections, and to repair and strengthen American democracy.”

Close to 170 organizations have spoken out in support of H.R 1, from civil rights groups to environmental coalitions, praising the For the People Act of 2021 as a progressive approach towards a more prosperous future. This bill is backed by the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Brady United, Voting Rights Lab, and Stand Up America amongst numerous others.

More information on H.R. 1 can be found here