Rep. Huffman Statement on Supplementary Aid Votes

April 20, 2024

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Jared Huffman (CA-02) released the following statement regarding his vote to pass the security supplemental appropriations package:

“While I voted to move this supplemental security package to the President’s desk, this is not the package I would have written. For example, I support continued funding for Israel’s security needs in the wake of Hamas’ brutal October 7th terrorist attack, Iran’s menacing missile and drone attack last week, and other threats, but I have also called for greater accountability and safeguards to ensure Israel’s compliance with international law and humanitarian standards. Israel’s war against Hamas is justified, but it must be fought in a more just way.  I appreciate the executive actions President Joe Biden has taken to address these concerns but would have preferred codification in statute.  

“I am also pleased to see a substantial investment in global humanitarian assistance, especially to address the terrible suffering of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.  However, it will be hard to expeditiously and effectively deploy that funding due to Republicans’ wrongheaded prohibition on using UNWRA.  Because UNWRA is by far the most capable humanitarian group in Gaza, we should utilize them while working to ensure accountability for the handful of rogue actors on their 30,000-person staff who participated in the October 7th terror attacks. Without UNWRA, the US will have to devise new partnerships and workaround strategies for surging this relief into Gaza to address a worsening humanitarian crisis.

“As we work to achieve a ceasefire, hostage releases, and a durable end to that terrible conflict, our ally Ukraine is at a make-or-break moment. Vladimir Putin’s expansionist anti-freedom agenda is a threat to every single one of our allies and our own national security. Brave Ukranian troops have done all of the fighting to confront this threat for the past two years.  They deserve our appreciation and our continued help. Unfortunately, the large and growing pro-Putin faction within the Republican party has stalled critical military aid for months, playing endless political games and flouting our national security interests in favor of the anti-NATO Trump-Putin agenda.

“Our democratic allies in Europe and Asia are counting on us.  The people of Ukraine and innocent civilians in Palestine are out of time.  Shame on House Republicans for delaying and obstructing these urgent actions for so many months.  I’m dismayed by the process (if you can call it that) and disappointed by some of the provisions in this legislative package, but it is the best we can do under this dysfunctional Republican majority, and the urgency of the situation is far too great to let the perfect be the enemy of the mostly good.”