Rep. Huffman: Shameful that House Republicans quashed progress made to take down Confederate Flag

July 09, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), the author of two amendments curtailing sales and displays of Confederate flags on federal property, today released the following statement after House Republican Leadership retracted a spending bill, effectively quashing the progress the House of Representatives made to take down the Confederate flag.

“The United States House of Representatives had an opportunity to add its voice to end the promotion of the cruel, racist legacy of the Confederacy. My amendments were intended to help move us in the direction of reconciliation, unity, and justice. Initially, it appeared that my GOP colleagues would join us in the movement to take down the Confederate battle flag and unanimously supported my amendments.

“But politics has now barred the way forward. It is shameful that House leadership has decided to pull the entire Interior Appropriations bill over this issue in order to prevent a public debate and vote.

“Symbols matter. Even General Robert E. Lee recognized that symbols of the Confederacy are symbols of treason—which is why he asked that they not appear in his funeral. The United States Congress in 2015 should be at least as forward-looking as Robert E. Lee was in 1869.”

The text of Huffman’s amendments can be found HERE and HERE.