Rep. Huffman Announces Winner of 2014 Congressional Art Competition

May 13, 2014

WASHINGTON­—Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today announced that Jee Young Bhan of Redwood High School in Larkspur, California is the winner of the 2014 Congressional Art Competition for high school students in California’s Second Congressional District.

Huffman met with Jee Young Bhan in his San Rafael District Office and presented her with a certificate noting her accomplishment. Her artwork will hang in the U.S. Capitol Building for a year alongside pieces from around the country.

“Congratulations to Jee Young Bhan for her winning entry, and to all of the participants for their talent and dedication to their medium,” Congressman Huffman said. “This competition has showcased the incredible artistic talent of high school students throughout California’s North Coast, and I’m very happy to have so many submissions for the 2014 Congressional Art Competition.”

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2014 Congressional Art Competition Winner: Jee Young Bhan
Title: Freedom at the Door
Redwood High School, Larkspur
12th Grade

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Rep. Huffman with Jee Young Bhan, winner of the 2014 Congressional Art Competition.


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Sonoma County Finalist: Kaela Walsh
Title: Our Flag Was Still There
St. Vincent de Paul High School, Petaluma
11th Grade


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Mendocino County Finalist: Adelina Sanchez
Title: Life Of A Worker
Anderson Valley Jr./ Sr. High School, Boonville
12th Grade

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Humboldt County Finalist: Leo Stafsnes
Title: Foggy Morning
Arcata High School, Arcata
9th Grade

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Trinity County Finalist: Johnny Hubbell
Title: Little Brother
Trinity High School, Weaverville
12th Grade

Judges for the finalists included: Suzanne Joyal, Youth in Arts; Holly Blake, Headlands Center for the Arts; Heather Murray, College of Marin; Lynn Sondag, Dominican University of California; Debra DeGraw, Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce.

Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school visual art competition to recognize and encourage artistic talent in the nation and in each congressional district. Since the competition began in 1982, more than 650,000 high school students have participated.

High-resolution photos of all finalist submissions may be found HERE.

More information about the Congressional Art Competition can be found HERE.