An Update on North Coast Priorities

April 28, 2016

Dear Friend,

Last month, I was fortunate enough to spend several consecutive weeks back home in California, meeting with constituents and traveling across my North Coast congressional district. 

 I always say that the second district of California is the most beautiful in the country and each time I’m home I am re-convinced of that fact. These district work weeks are the perfect opportunity to hear about your priorities and brainstorm with you on how I can better serve you. From the signing of the Historic Klamath Agreement to spurring innovation and technology on the North Coast to honoring Korean Water Veterans for their service, it’s been quite a month! 

Signing of the Historic Klamath Agreement 
In April, I spoke at the signing of the historic new agreement to tear out the Klamath River’s aging hydropower dams. Since I was first elected to Congress, I have been working with the tribal, fishing, and environmental communities who have fought tirelessly to tear down these dams and bring the Klamath River, along with its once-famous salmon runs, back to life. Tearing out the four dams on the Klamath will be a huge leap forward for the river. It will open up hundreds of miles of salmon spawning habitat and help finally repair the injustices to the tribes and communities along the river. I am thrilled I could be part of this historic event towards rebuilding the Klamath River. Learn more here.

Spurring Innovation in California
In California, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant innovators, but we can never take this entrepreneurial spirt for granted. Ten years ago, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats launched an “Innovation Agenda” with the goal of ensuring that our country remained the world’s leader of innovation. This year, we’ve decided to add to that project. I was honored to co-host a roundtable event with my North Bay colleague Mike Thompson as well as Anna Eshoo from the South Bay so that we could hear ideas and suggestions from a diverse group of private sector leaders on the front line of innovation in my district and beyond. Local businesses across many industries, from Cowgirl Creamery to Labcon, joined us in a brainstorming event. By putting our heads together and identifying how we can support sustained success, we can help unleash the creativity, vision, and innovation that has always made America great and bring those forces to bear on many of today's most pressing problems -- addressing climate change, revitalizing education, expanding economic opportunities, ensuring clean, reliable water supplies, and much more.

“This roundtable was incredible and inspirational. The Bay Area has so many innovative ideas--from large companies like Google to small businesses, the success we are realizing here, can be successful anywhere in the world…” said Jim Happ, President of Labcon.

Honoring our Korean War Veterans
What an incredible experience it was to honor Korean War veterans and their families with the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal on my most recent trip to Eureka. The medals, issued by the Republic of Korea, were presented to more than 50 eligible veterans or their next of kin. At least 2.5 million people lost their lives in this war, including 36,000 Americans who fought valiantly for our country in what is sometimes thought of as the “Forgotten War.” We should never forget those who served and sacrificed. The people of the Republic of Korea certainly have not forgotten, and I’m grateful to the Korean Consulate for helping to arrange this honor. Read more about these Americans’ incredible service and the event here.

Source: Eureka Times Standard

The North Coast of California is incredible place to live, and by working together we can continue to make our community a little greener, safer, and a better place to live. Please don’t be a stranger- I’m always open to brainstorming new ideas to best serve you.

Contact me via TwitterFacebookemail, or call one of my district offices and we will continue to help to the best of our ability. And check out my new Instagram account to see photos from my Washington, D.C., office and across the 2nd district!

With Best Regards,

Jared Huffman
Member of Congress