Huffman Wants Changes to Very Flawed "Dark Act" Bill.

July 01, 2015

WASHINGTON DC - A bill nicknamed the “Dark Act” passed today in Congress over major concerns from 2nd District Congressman, Jared Huffman.

The bill would prevent local and state governments from enacting genetically modified food labeling laws and prevents the U.S. government from even developing a national labeling system. It would also void laws already set up in Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino and Marin Counties.

Huffman spoke out against the bill today and offered an amendment to ensure tribal sovereignty so native people can preserve and protect the integrity of traditional native foods, seeds and agricultural systems.

Huffman said, “This is a bill that is deeply flawed. It should be opposed for all sorts of reasons but here is an amendment that would at least make it a little better for those of us that represent Indian country; for those of us that want to protect the tribes who have taken action on their land and who have, in some cases, partnered with states for buffer zones near tribal land. We ought to at least take this additional step to declare that they can do that.”

The food industry led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and biotech industries oppose mandatory labeling arguing it would confuse consumers and imply that GMO products are less safe than their conventional counterparts.