The expectations game hounds Democrats as they try to deliver their vast agenda

October 05, 2021

By the standards of early November 2020, the idea that President Biden could be on the cusp of signing a combined $2.5 trillion in domestic policy legislation — following up on a $2 trillion economic stimulus bill — would have seemed like a liberal fever dream.

Faced with a narrow House majority and remote prospects for winning control of the Senate with victories in a pair of Georgia Senate runoff elections, the wishes of a handful of moderate Republican senators appeared to be a likely and serious constraint for Biden’s legislative ambitions.

But history unfolded differently, with Democrats securing unified control of Washington in January with twin victories in Georgia. Now less than a year later, the passage of a mere $1.5 trillion in climate, health-care and other social spending, on top of another $1 trillion in physical infrastructure funding, is striking many Democrats as a bitter disappointment — and illustrating how the standards of political success are set against the expectations that precede them.

By:  Mike DeBonis
Source: Washington Post