MVP's deeper legal meaning

July 25, 2023

WHO SAYS PARTISANSHIP IS ENDANGERED?: Progressive Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) is taking up an offer from House Natural Resources Chair Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) for Democrats to join a new Endangered Species Act working group.

Westerman insists he made the offer in good faith despite it happening during a GOP-led hearing on the “destructive cost” of the ESA. But Huffman interpreted it as in jest, offering in his letter this morning to “correct your assumption that no Democrats ‘want to be part of the group.’”

The parties, of course, have different ideas about what modernizing ESA means. Democrats, in Huffman’s words, see it as a “legal cornerstone for recovering iconic species like the Bald Eagle and preventing countless other species from going extinct.”

House Republicans, though, have scheduled votes on two Senate-approved Congressional Review Act resolutions this week that would overturn Biden administration endangered species designations for the lesser prairie-chicken and northern long-eared bat, which they say would interfere with energy development.

“I welcome bipartisan engagement and look forward to finding solutions to fix a well meaning law that’s broken and not as effective as it could be,” Westerman said in a statement.


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By:  James Bikales
Source: Politico Pro