Congressman Jared Huffman

Representing the 2nd District of California

Veterans History Project

You are invited to help preserve our nation’s history by recording the stories of American veterans who live in our communities. Congressman Jared Huffman invites students and veterans to participate in the Veterans History Project and send your recording to be kept in the Library of Congress for posterity.

How to Participate:

Veterans: Please call the Marin County Office at 415.258.9657. Share your name, contact information, your branch and dates of service. When a student is assigned, he or she will call you to set up a meeting.

Veteran Coaches: Veterans, educators, and parents of interested students are invited to be “coaches.” You will accompany the student on his or her interview(s). Your role is to help facilitate a comfort level between the student and the veteran. 

Students: Contact Congressman Huffman’s Marin County Office at 415.258.9657. You will share your name, contact information and the name of your veteran, branch of service and which war he or she was in. If you do not have the name of the veteran you will receive one from the Project Coordinator.

Register as soon as you get a veteran at

INTERVIEW: Generally, there will be two meetings to accomplish the successful interview. The first meeting is to get acquainted, fill out a form with biographical information and have the veteran sign a release in order to submit your recording. The first meeting is not recorded. The second meeting is the recorded interview.  Please note, it may take more than two meetings to complete the interview. 

Recordings: There will be four copies of the recording, one for the veteran, one for the student, one to be archived locally and one to submit to the Veteran’s History Project at the Library of Congress.