Congressman Jared Huffman

Representing the 2nd District of California

House Approves Huffman Proposal on West Marin Housing

Feb 1, 2016

Washington - Today, the House of Representatives passed the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015, which includes a provision by Rep. Huffman to increase affordable housing in West Marin. The bill requires the Coast Guard to convey its roughly 30-acre property located in Point Reyes Station to the County of Marin. Full text of Huffman’s speech can be found below: 

“As somebody that represents one-third of the California coast obviously this legislation is important to me, but I  want to especially thank you for one part of this legislation that has special significance for the people of Marin County that I’m honored to represent. Finding affordable housing in Marin County is very difficult and it’s only got harder since the Great Recession and the rebound in the real estate market. That’s had an impact on the families I represent. That’s had an impact on businesses and folks in agriculture who can’t find the full time staff that they need because they can’t afford to live in the community. Section 501 of this bill is going to help in a very significant way to address this housing crunch in West Marin. It is going to take this Coast Guard property, this excess property, and sell it at fair market value to the county of Marin.

"This will be a win-win for the County of Marin and also for the Coast Guard and I look forward to seeing the county begin working with local partners on repurposing this property for the public benefit of affordable housing.  We still have a long way to go to make sure that working families in places like Marin County and every place else have access  to quality housing, but this bill is an important step for at least one community that I represent so I want to thank the tireless group of advocates who have worked on this, especially West Marin county supervisor Steve Kinsey, Kim Thompson and all of those at the Community Land Trust Association of West Marin and others and finally Ranking Member Defazio and Chairman Shuster, as well as the subcommittee members and staff. Thank you very much.”