Congressman Jared Huffman

Representing the 2nd District of California

Reps. Huffman and Lee Introduce New Amendments: No Taxpayer Funding for White Nationalist Enablers in the White House

Aug 25, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Today, Rep. Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) introduced two amendments to ensure that American taxpayers are no longer forced to pay the salaries of two of Donald Trump’s political appointees, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller, whose work has emboldened white nationalists and sowed division, bigotry, and hate.

The Huffman-Lee funding limitation amendments were filed today with the Republican-controlled House Committee on Rules, which will determine whether the full House of Representatives will be allowed to debate and vote on them as part of the must-pass 2018 funding bill when Congress returns to session after Labor Day.

The amendments come in the wake of Stephen Bannon’s departure from the White House and return to Breitbart News. Gorka had previously worked with Bannon at Breitbart, and Miller has been one of Bannon’s closest allies in the White House on issues such as immigration and the controversial travel ban.

“The President and his staff should go to work every day thinking about how to improve the lives of all Americans,” said Rep. Huffman. “Sadly, this White House has focused its energy on division and bigotry. While it is appropriate that President Trump’s Chief Strategist has now returned to Breitbart news, Bannon did not fall out of favor because he emboldens white supremacists, but only because he stole the spotlight from President Trump. There should be no place for this type of hate in America, let alone in the White House, but it’s clear that this President does not have the moral authority that we saw in his predecessors. Congress must act to show that we will not stand for this type of hateful ideology influencing the most important office in our nation.”

"Americans should be able to have confidence that the hateful, bigoted ideologies of white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis are not sanctioned at the highest levels of the government. Yet time and time again this Administration has implemented un-American policies that embolden hate groups including a Muslim ban, a cruel border wall, and a ban on transgender service members serving their country,” said Rep. Lee. “The removal of Steve Bannon is an important first step in rooting racism from the White House. But, Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller’s continued presence in the West Wing ensure that Steve Bannon’s sick ideology will persist in this Administration. Now is the time for Congress to take a clear stand against hate and refuse to authorize salaries of White House officials who embrace the views of white supremacists, white nationalists and Neo-Nazis. These prejudiced ideologies have no place in the highest office in our land."

The full text of the amendments can be found here and here.