Congressman Jared Huffman

Representing the 2nd District of California

Rep. Huffman Blasts Passage of Final GOP Tax Scam

Dec 19, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) today voted against the final Republican tax scam, which will harm families across the North Coast, drive up the deficit, lavish a huge tax windfall on the wealthiest Americans, corporations, and special interests, all while threatening the economic health of our country. The Republican tax scam passed the House today on a party-line vote and will be voted on today in the United States Senate.

“I’m deeply saddened that this reckless and unfair Republican tax scam may soon be the law of the land,” said Rep. Huffman. “Many Californians and middle-class families will see higher tax bills while President Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker will enrich themselves through tax loopholes and windfalls. Seniors in particular are going to end up paying for this scheme, which explodes the deficit and will lead to billions in cuts from Medicare and other safety net programs.”

The bill especially harms California families by slashing their state and local tax deductions, while allowing those deductions to remain for corporations. Under the bill approved by Congress today, more than half a million California households that make less than $76,530 will be facing an average tax increase of $620, while almost two million California households with an average income of $116,500 will face an average tax increase of $1,890.

In addition, the Republican tax scam:

  • Raises taxes on 86 million middle class families across the nation;
  • Gives 83 percent of the tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent;
  • Makes tax cuts for families and individuals temporary, while making corporate tax cuts permanent; and
  • Opens the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to dangerous oil drilling.